Aulver brings you

Train in brand new ways with Aulver,
and only pay when you play!

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Train in New Ways

Aulver is changing the way people train. No longer limited by a single facility, or group of facilities, our users are able to structure their training programs in new and exciting ways by accessing a new network of diverse playgrounds.

A new Network of Gyms

We are growing a network of diverse and exciting training centers, uniting independent gym owners and businesses, while opening a new world of possibilities for our users. This means that you could decide to train at a Cross-Fit Box on Monday, switch to a Pilates Studio on Tuesday, spend Wednesday at a Bootcamp Session and wind down on Friday at a Hot Yoga Studio - It’s up to you!

No Contracts

No contracts mean that if you are sick, injured, out of town - or simply not in the mood - you are not paying for a gym service which you are not actively using. You get what you pay for! We are shaking off the shackles of contracts and redtape, bringing you true gym-on-demand.

Pay as you Train

Aulver is linked to your Credit or Debit card, which means that as soon as you sign in to one of our partner gyms, we reserve the fee for your session against your card. Once you complete your session and sign out, we deduct the fee directly off of your account. You only pay when you play!

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Train at different gyms
in our network

Once you have joined Aulver as a user, you gain access to our entire network of Partner venues, gyms and facilities. What does that mean for you? You can now train at any and all of these Partners! No longer are you limited to your local – you can explore, exercise and enjoy new experiences! We are constantly adding new studios, boxes, centers and gyms to our Network – so keep checking for new venues in your area.

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Search for training venues
by exercise type, amenities,
price and rating.

Know what you are looking for? The Aulver app allows users to search for training venues by a number of filters, including training type, location, amenities, price and rating. Aulver creates new possibilities for you to train, exercise and enjoy!

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Compare gyms by ratings
and reviews.

Can’t decide where to train? You can see what other Aulver users have to say about gyms and venues in the network. Based on a 5-star rating system, you can see which venues rank highest, and what other users have been saying about their experiences there. You can also have your say by leaving your rating and review too!

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Track your training

Want to flex with friends? Aulver keeps a log of all of your training sessions, including where you trained, for how long, and what your review was of the venue. It is a handy reference tool and built in training journal for users to enjoy.

How it works.

Getting started is quick and painless, streamlining your journey to your next on-demand training session!

Download the App

Head over to the Apple AppStore or Google Playstore and download the free Aulver app.

Sign Up

Open the app once downloaded and sign up. When you’re done, link your preferred debit or credit card.

Scan In

Use the app to find and visit any of our partners. When you arrive, scan the Aulver code with the app and you’re in!

Train hard, or not.

Once you’re in you are free to use any of the available facilities (in the intended way of course). This is your time.

Scan Out

When you conclude your session, simply scan the Aulver code once more using the app. Payment is handled automatically.

Rate Your Experience

Using the app you can rate the experience you had so that our partners can improve on your feedback.

What you can expect to pay as you train.

Getting started is quick and painless, streamlining your journey to your next on-demand training session!

Time at start


    Session length

      01 h 00 m

      Partner rating

        4.5 stars

        *the estimated price excludes any classes/packages that partners may offer

        You’ll pay

        R 45.00*

        Available for your smartphone

        All the power of Aulver in your pocket. Find, visit and enjoy our network of partners